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Steve Donie

3303 Breedlove Ct
Austin, TX 78721

Phone: 512.797.7822


I have more than 20 years experience in software development and leadership, working in a variety of development lifecycles with an emphasis on agile development methods. I am a well respected team lead and effective agile coach. I have found that my methods result in decreased maintenance costs, improved predictability, and strong teams. I have worked in a broad range of industries, a broad range of application types, and many different technologies. Experience with system-level programming, software for the disabled, Web application development, GUI development, and configuration management. Experienced with Java, C, C++, C#, .NET, COM, XML, XSL, HTML, JSP, ASP.NET, SQL, Perl, javascript, ReSharper.

I am currently Development Lead at Datical in Austin Texas.


Datical, Inc.Austin, Texas
Development Lead, Principal Software DeveloperSeptember 2013-Present

Datical DB is an enterprise grade database schema change management tool designed to bring the benefits of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment to the Databases that are the core of all enterprise software. Customers include many Fortune 500 companies across a wide variety of industries.

I was the third developer hired at Datical and designed and implemented many of the features of Datical DB. The software consists of an Eclipse Rich Client Platform GUI as well as a command-line tool suitable for use in automation scenarios including Jenkins, uDeploy,

As Development lead, I performed the duties of Scrum Master, running daily standups, prioritizing tasks for the development and QA teams, reporting to upper management, hiring, mentoring, reviewing code, writing and debugging code, performance analysis, architecture and design.

Product evolved into a web-based application that could manage hundreds of projects and thousands of databases with ease and elegance. The web-based application is a microservice architecture able to be easily deployed using docker or virtual machines

EPA SystemsAustin, Texas
Principal Solutions ArchitectNovember 2012-September 2013

EPA Systems, LLC is an environmental consulting company specializing in all facets of air quality measurements. As Principal Solutions Architect, I design and implement software systems for gathering, validating, analyzing, and reporting emissions and other environmental data.

Principal ConsultantFebruary 2011-October 2012

Headspring is a software consulting company that has grown to approximately 30 people. The company creates custom software for a variety of industries, primarily using C# and .NET. I led the design and implementation of a 20 month project that resulted in a system for tracking and reporting greenhouse gas emissions to the USEPA for one of the largest companies in America. As the Client Lead, I communicated with the client on a daily basis, managed the budget, designed the architecture, collaborated with the client to discover requirements, and managed and coached a team of developers to implement the system. The system was successful where many much larger software teams failed.

Data Integration ManagerOctober 2006-January 2011

DrillingInfo provides a web-based application that allows people in the oil and gas industry to perform a wide array of research tasks. I introduced rigorous agile development processes to the company. I led a team of five developers that became a model for other development teams. I recruited and hired several key developers, the first professional program manager, the first tester, and one other development manager. Shipped several key products, helping the company grow from $8 million to $20 million. Led the effort to do due diligence for a company acquisition, and then integrate that company's technology and data into DrillingInfo.

DATACERT, INC.Austin, Texas
Senior Software DeveloperJanuary 2005-October 2006

Development in C# and ASP.NET on a web-based system for electronic invoicing for the Legal industry. I was their first hire for a remote development team, and recruited and hired a team that grew to five people. By introducing, using, and training others on agile development practices, my team was able to deliver very high quality software very quickly, replacing an older, unmaintainable system, thus providing better service to existing customers and gaining new customers.

Manager, Configuration ManagementDecember 2003-December 2004

Development LeadFebruary 2002-December 2003

Senior Software EngineerNovember 1998-February 2002

Landmark Graphics produces complex software for interpreting subsurface geology. Their customers include nearly all the major oil and gas companies in the world. Over a 6 year period, I progressed from Senior Software Developer to Manager of the Configuration Management group.

Senior Software Engineer on three projects - starting with a COM based software framework for component based applications known as AppWorks. Beginning in 2000, we ported AppWorks to Java. That prototype became the basis for a multi year, 60+ person project known as DecisionSpace infrastructure and a growing family of applications based on that framework.

Promoted to Development and Configuration Management lead for DecisionSpace. Helped DecisionSpace transition from an internal-only devkit to a solid foundation for a growing family of commercial applications.

Promoted to Configuration Management Team Manager. Managed a team of 13, supporting nearly 400 developers with primary development locations in Austin, Houston, and Denver. I transformed the group into a cohesive team, helped them share best practices, improve consistency across various product lines, and improve communication.

  • Awarded "Top Gun" award for best software developer at Landmark's 2002 Worldwide Software Developer Conference, based on my achievements in creating a complex automated build system.

Software Design Engineer1996-1998

Designed, wrote and debugged Microsoft products and technologies for the disabled. Determined features, met shipping deadlines. Consulted with developers in other teams to design and implement accessibility features in major Microsoft products such as Office and Internet Explorer. Provided developer support to third party accessibility aid vendors. Attended major trade shows and presented Microsoft products and technologies to vendors and consumers. Debugged complex interactions between applications, accessibility aids, and the Windows operating system.

  • Primary developer of Active Accessibility, an extension to the Windows 95, 98 and NT operating systems that provides a standard interface between accessibility programs, applications, and the operating system. Version 1.0 shipped May 1997.
  • Received Microsoft Patent Award for Active Accessibility.
  • Wrote first version of Microsoft Magnifier, a standard system accessory in Windows since Windows 98.

Software Design Engineer1992-1996

Designed, developed and debugged Windows City, a program to allow blind people to use Windows 3.1. As a member of a three person team, developed SmarTalk, an inexpensive hardware speech synthesizer. Designed alternative user interfaces. Performed system and application level programming. Performed market research to determine needs of people with disabilities and specify product features. Co-wrote research grant applications.


Developed and shipped five innovative multimedia training programs combining PC's, touchscreens, and video discs. Member of design team which specified program content, flow, and user interface design.

  • "Addiction and Its Processes" training program was awarded Best of Show by New Media magazine in 1993.


University of Texas, Austin1987-1991
BA in Computer Science. Earned 100% of college expenses. Member, Association for Computing Machinery.
United States Air Force Academy1985-1987