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Monday, June 27, 2005

CruiseControl.NET and MSBuild: "If you start looking around the web for an automated build solution for .NET that can also function apart from Visual Studio, you'll probably end up with a combination of NAnt on the one side and CruiseControl.NET, Hippo.NET or Draco.NET on the other side. NAnt is the answer to scripting the real work behind your build process, and the other tools provide you with (a.o.) a way to schedule those builds (or execute on-demand builds) and a nice overview of past and current build results and reports.

What you don't get is a way to combine one of these tools with MSBuild. Of course, you can do this with NAnt by using the task to start msbuild.exe, but I wanted to cut out the middle man. Note: I do NOT want to start a religious war here and i don't consider MSBuild to be better than NAnt (or vice versa). Let's just say I wanted to make it more challenging by veering away from the path most travelled :-)."