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Saturday, September 11, 2004

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Cheney Spits Toads: "Without Zell Miller around to out-crazy him, and unplugged after a convention that tried to 'humanize'' him with grandchildren, horses and wifely anecdotes about his inability to dance the twist, Mr. Cheney is back as Terrifier in Chief."


Friday, September 10, 2004

Cooking For Engineers: "Cooking For Engineers

Have an analytical mind? Like to cook? This is the site to read!"

OK - this is actually interesting. A different way of looking at cooking. I know how to cook, and I know how to read recipes. But I like this.
Source Control HOWTO: "Source Control HOWTO
I have started writing a series of articles explaining how to do source control and the best practices thereof. See below for links to the individual chapters in this series. The Introduction explains my motivations and goals for writing this series."

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Dude, I Love Math: Commons Math 1.0 RC1 Released: "Dude, I Love Math: Commons Math 1.0 RC1 Released

The Commons Math team hopes to release the first stable version of Commons Math 1.0 in the next two weeks, based on community response for the First RC.

Commons Math, released under an Apache 2.0 license, provides functions for statistics, linear algebra, random data generation, root finding, interpolation, gamma and beta functions, arrays, factorials, complex numbers, distributions, matrices, and solving linear systems and much more.

Here is a listing of the packages included in the commons-math library, and brief notes on what they implement:

* Analysis: implements of common numerical analysis procedures, including root finding and function interpolation
* Complex: implements complex number type and implementations of complex transcendental functions
* Distribution: implements common discrete and continuous distributions
* Linear: implements linear algebra support
* Random: implements random number and random data generators
* Special: implementations of special functions such as Beta and Gamma
* Stat: implements data storage, manipulation and summary routines
* Util: implements Convenience routines and common data structure used throughout the commons-math library"

Monday, September 06, 2004

9/11 and the plane that hit the Pentagon
The link above will show you a movie that lays out the premis and basic evidence that American Airlines flight 77 did NOT crash into the Pentagon on September 11th. If true, this is very disturbing.
Pragmatic Automation - If you just canít convince the boss to buy those lava lamps, or your team is dislocated and canít share a visual monitoring device, then you need another inexpensive way to visually monitor your build. Paul Julius sent in these two screenshots of his system tray and a note about how it works...
Active Duty Military Attending the RNC || A recent report filed by the Associated Press contained a startling bit of information:

About 15 percent of the 4,800-plus delegates and alternates to the convention in New York are veterans, organizers said Monday. An additional 3 percent are active military personnel.

This report was displayed prominently on the Republican National Committee's website, and lauded gleefully by the fine folks at Free Republic, among others.

As it turns out though, it's actually not such a good thing to have active-duty military anywhere near a political convention - if you value your democracy. In fact, up until just a few days before the convention, it was quite illegal for active-duty military even to attend. And yet, there it was in black and white. Active duty military members were not only attending, but participating as delegates in the RNC. How could this happen?

An interesting article. One of the questions I had as I was reading it though, was how the Democrats were able to get that whole phalanx of generals up there. A lot of them were retired, but I don't think all of them were. What are the regs for retired military, and their participation in the democratic process?

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