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Thursday, April 22, 2004

'Rocketman' takes wing - SpecialsStrangeButTrue - "Rocketman Eric Scott shot 46 metres into the air in London and promptly claimed a world record.
Scott, 41, from Dallas, Texas, donned his red and white jumpsuit and zoomed into the north London sky in his bid to achieve the highest human elevation using a Rocketbelt.
His feat, which saw him reach the equivalent height of a 12-storey building, lasted just 26 seconds but allowed enough time for a couple of pirouettes."

mainly just posting this to test the atom feed and how it works with my newsreader, intraVnews. I am testing the beta of intraVnews, which supports atom.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

USS Clueless - Inductive logic: "What it comes down to is confusion about the difference between deduction and induction." my buddy John and I were talking about deduction and induction the other day, and this was a good definition that helped me out. Maybe next time I'll know what he's talking about :-).

This guy's blog is good, by the way. Lots of stuff to read.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Catalyst Systems - Managing the risk of developing Enterprise and eBusiness applications. Openmake eliminates the use of makefiles and improves change and configuration management by automating the build management process. Build Java C++ Unix and Mai: "Openmake is an evolutionary build management tool designed to eliminate the need for XML scripting and makefiles while empowering developers with the robust functionality of ANT. Openmake supports a collaborative engineering process that allows developers to contribute to the build while ensuring standardization and consistency across all platforms. Openmake delivers a single build process for enterprise applications regardless of IDE, language or operating system. Openmake ensures that executables are created the same way every time."