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Friday, March 05, 2004

FinalBuilder - An Overview of FinalBuilder: "FinalBuilder is designed to automate tasks that you routinely do as part of your software development cycle. It allows you to quickly define a repeatable list of actions that can be executed in the same manner time after time."

Yet another build tool I ran across. Winodws only, and surprising that it has a GUI, since it is designed for automation. Somewhat ant-like in its approach to tasks, etc. Supports some tasks that Ant currently does not, and is much more squarely aimed at Windows - includes tasks for .net, delphi, VB, RoboHelp, InstallShield, etc.
Defining Enterprise Continuous Integration: "Enterprise Continuous Integration (ECI) is an extension of Continuous Integration (CI) to multiple projects. This short article gives you a brief overview of ECI, its characteristics, benefit and current limitations. As we progress in developing this practice, I will continue to provide additional links and information."

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

CIA Bot - CIA: "CIA is a system for tracking open-source projects in real-time. People all over the world are constantly collaborating and creating software, creating a constant flow of new code and new ideas. CIA provides an easy way for people to observe this flow. Developers can see the latest changes to their code immediately, users can subscribe to see the latest bugfixes in their favorite programs. Everyone can take a chance to step back and look at open source development as a whole."

Sounds cool. I like the description of where the name came from:
"CIA started out as a simple bot hacked together by Micah Dowty in an afternoon to monitor commit messages for the PicoGUI project. Lalo Martins came up with the name "CIA" to refer to this IRC bot: PicoGUI is hosted in Subversion, and the bot was a brainless entity designed to keep an eye on subversion :)"

Tuesday, March 02, 2004 - Help Line: "For those readers who are a bit more technically proficient and want to disable the automatic creation of Network shortcuts in My Network Places, there is a registry edit."

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