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25+ ASP Tips to Improve Performance and Style
Abbot Java GUI Test Framework
AC Propulsion Home
Apache Ant User Manual
AT&T Labs Research - Projects
Austin Area Electric Automobile Association
Avignon - acceptance testing framework
Bad Livers
Brian Caldwell - stitched mosaics, tutorials, etc.
BUNK BEDS ETC  quality bunkbeds
Center for Internet Security
cloudmark home - makers of SpamNet
CMD Tools for 32-bit Windows
Commuter Cars - the electric Tango
CONSUMERMAN and the Travelex Bureau de Change Service
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
DecisionSpace Build Results (HEAD)
Drive Rescue - the hard disk recovery tool
Electric Vehicle Discussion List Photo Album, Our Electric Cars on the Web
Fine Furniture Tips to conquer the CHAOS in your home.
fusionOne - synchronize PCs, PDAs, Phones... - be a more informed citizen
Google Press Center Zeitgeist
GRE - Computer-Based General Test
Hacking The TiVo FAQ Index
Headline Viewer Home Page
ImageMagick - Convert, Edit, and Compose Images
Japanese Joinery
Lagoon User Guide
linuxtv.orgTV is dead - this is LinuxTV
Literate Programming
Merconnect - mp3 players and other cool gadgets
MIT AI Lab MIT AI lab projects and research groups
MosaicBasics Home Page Mosaic tiles and supplies, vitreous glass, smalti, gems, tiny tiles, tools
National Vaccine Information Center
NIST Internet Time Service
Online Conversion - Convert just about anything to anything else
Operational Significant Event Imagery
OSDN Open Source Development Network
Pacific Digtal Digital Picture Frame
Pete Townshend Video Diaries
Phrases, sayings and cliches, with their meanings and origins.
planet replay
Pollo - XML editor
Public NTP Time Servers
PuttyWorld - Crazy Aaron's thinking putty
Quicken TurboTax for the Web
Quotations - The Harvest of a Quiet Eye
Radio Station Guide - Appliance Repair HomePage
Runaware - The Source for testing software online, free with no downloads
Scripting News
Showshifter - Home Entertainment software
Skyline Software System 3d Virtual Tours!
Spam Motel
Stephen Wolfram A New Kind of Science
The Book-Scanning Project
The Dave-Dina Project
The Forrest Primer
The official U.S. time - clock
The Ultimate Handbook
Time Service Department
Travis Master Gardener
TV Guide Online - [TV Listings]
Useful Wild Plants Home Page
UT Natural Sciences Career Services
Video Disk Recorder
Virus and Hoax Encyclopedia
WatchGuard Configuration Settings
Web Events
Web Revel Inc - using SharePoint
Well Bore Planner Build Results (HEAD)
Where to Start with XSL
Windows NT Downloads
Windows Update Power Tools
Winnov Videum Linux Page
Zap2it TV LISTINGS Listings
Zilker Kite Festival Home Page


Assistive Technology Archives


AgentStation - Developer Resources
la cantoche - Microsoft Agent design- news
MRC Computing - Main Site Page - Agent Developers
MS Agent - Costas Andriotis
MSDN - Agent home
The Microsoft Agent Web Ring
Yahoo! Clubs agentstation


Architectural Artisans
Armadillo Christmas Bazaar -- List of Artists
Arthur Ganson's Machines
cLaY bRoM - mEtAl CoNtOrTiOnIst
Corbis - Prints Perfect Prints for Your Style
George W. Hart geomtric sculptures - gig posters, flyers and handbills from around the world!
Nixie Clock gallery - retro tube display clocks
NOVICA - Mexico
The Compleat Sculptor, Inc. Online Catalog

Austin Stuff

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas
Animated Doppler Radar
Austin 360
Austin American-Statesman Classifieds Trailers
Austin Chronicle's Green Building Guide
Austin drive-time
Austin Energy, Austin Texas' Community-Owned Electric Utility
Austin Montessori School
Austin Ultimate HQ
Austin Ultimate Summer League Home Family Entertainment Guide - THE Austin News Source
Biking in Central Texas Home Page (Austin 360)
Boggy Creek Farm
City of Austin - Water Conservation
City of Austin At Your Doorstep, Front Page
City of Austin Austin Bicycle Map
CitySearch Austin
Erwin Center Home Page - seating maps
Geek Austin This is NOT California, Dammit!
K-EYE TV 42 -- Your Eye On Austin
K-EYE, CBS Austin - Welcome to
KGSR 107.1 - Radio Austin
KUT Listener Supported Public Radio from UT Austin
KVRX - Student Radio from UT Austin
KVUE 24 Online
KVUE 24 Video Streaming Austin Program Your Commute
Recreation Central Texas Disc Golf
Recreation Water sports in Central Texas
Sea Dragon's Vietnamese Cuisine
Summer Guide 2000 Water Sports - Rentals and Charters
The Austin Chronicle
Traffic Vue Thumbnails
Tubing List -- Used pcs, used notebooks, used laptops, used systems, used computers, new computers, used pc, used notebook, us
Weather Underground Austin, Texas Forecast
Yahoo! Real Estate - Home Values


Flashline CMEE v3.0.1 - Transforming Software Development
OpenAvenue - Home
The Lucene search engine Powerful, flexible, and free
Tools and Technology -

Computer Geek Stuff - Resource Center For The Budget-Minded Geek
Debian GNU-Linux -- The Universal Operating System
Firewalls and Internet Security Repelling the Wily Hacker
Gibson Research Corporation - disk and net security
Icron Systems Inc - extreme USB
James Gosling
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
Microsoft Personal Security Advisor
Moon Software - fine shareware
NewDeal - A new kind of Software Suite
OQO - Ultra Personal Computer
Practically Networked Home
Shell Replacements
SitePlayer - Embedded Internet Server - HOME
The New Hacker's Dictionary
The Rules of Open-Source Programming
TightVNC - Bandwidth-Efficient VNC Distribution
TinyApps.Org Home
TMRC - Tech Model Railroad Club of MIT

Cooking, recipes

Illustrated Turducken Recipe


Dell Auction
Support.Dell.Com - Home

Distributed Computing

Cosm - Phase 1
DCypher.Net - Welcome to the future of supercomputing Node Zero
Parabon Computation, Inc. -- Computing Outside the Box
Popular Power - Home
Popular Power Statistics
ProcessTree Home Page
SETI@home Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
United Devices, Inc. (TM)

Flying, Airplanes, Kites, etc

Anthony's Kite Workshop
Hang-em High Fabrics
Kite Aerial Photography - Welcome
kites and aerial photography homepage
Peter's kite site
Powered Paraglider .com - Powered Paraglider and Paramotor information resource
Search Results -

Fun AND Smart (weird tech)

3D gps program
A Painting Robot
Austin Area Rocketry Group
Barry's Coilgun Design Site
Concept Map Software from IHMC
Do-It-Yourself Automotive LPG Conversion
Flo Control
Future Horizons - Advanced Technology, Hoverboards, Lightsabers, Jetpacks, Science Projects, Electronics Kits, Lasers, Tesla Co
Global Positioning System Overview
Guide to (mostly) Harmless Hacking, Beginners' Series
How Stuff Works!
Marsette Vona Boogie Bass Hack
Mike's Electric Stuff
NativeTech Native American Technology and Art
One Man Helicopter
PCsat - a satellite for APRS
Peroxide Rockets Etc.
Pin-Outs.Com Directory of Technical Information
Piper's Precision Products - BB Guns from HELL
PizzaBox File Print Server
Small Parts - things to build cool stuff
Society For Amateur Scientists
SpringWalker Body Amplifier - Powered Exoskeleton - Legged Vehicle
The Gadget Man!, Gadgets for The Gadgetless!
The Spudgun Technology Center
Traveleyes2 - Welcome
VCR Repair Manuals
Welcome to Tinker's Guild

Home Automation

1-Wire(tm) Weather Station
An efficient Phase coupler and noise blocker
BasicX microcontrollers
Build an X-10 Status Display; the STATX10
Building a PCIR Device
CCC DigiLock - Open Doors With 64-Bit Keys!
Circuits Archive - UWEE
Creative Control Concepts
CyberLink PowerVCR II
Gordon Cunningham
Gyomber's HomeSeer Web Control (Guest Mode)
Home Automation at the X's
Home Automation Knowledge Base
Home Automation Webring
Home connected to the Internet
Home Controls Inc - Home Automation Products Catalog
Home Toys - Home Automation and Home Networking Resources - Home Automation Directory Guide
HomeSeer Files by Jeff Farmer
HomeSeer Icons
HomeSeer Message Board - powered by OpenTopic
HomeTech Solutions - Home Automation, Security, X10, Leviton, Audio-Video
How to Make Watering Your Lawn Really, Really Complicated
iButton Online Store
IR man homepage
Java Home Automation
Jesse Peterson - Java CM11 X10 interface
Jim's House - Main Entry
Keware Technologies creators of HomeSeer and HomeSeer ActiveX, Home Automation software for the CM11A
Lynx - control panel, keypad, siren and dialer -  from the ADEMCO Group
Midon Designs - Temperature, etc.
MisterHouse open source Perl Home Automation
MPJA - Electronic Mail Order Supplier - LCD Displays
My unofficial TAPI FAQ
National Control Devices PIC Microcontrollers & RS-232 Controlled Electronic Devices
Nirvis Systems - makers of the CDJ jukebox software and more!
Parts Express Browsing LCD 5 FLIP MONITOR WITH AUDIO
PortTalk - A Windows NT-2000 I-O Port Device Driver
Scott Crevier's Home Automation
SMARTHOME.COM™ - X10, Remote Security, Video Controls, Wireless Systems
Snapstream Media Record TV, Watch Anytime, Anywhere.
Supercircuits Inc.
SupervisionCam Homepage English
Technocopia - Home Automation Articles, Links and Resources in Home Automation from Technocopia
The Adaptive House
The Home Automation Forum
TINI Tiny InterNet Interface
Ultrajones Software
Using PERL for scripts in HomeSeer
Vista Imaging - Home of the ViCAM
Welcome to
Welcome to NetMedia's Web Hobbies
Welcome to the ACT Catalog of Control Products
Worthington Distribution Specials
X-10 Ideas Tips and Ideas about X-10 and other home automation
ZipLabel.Com Computerized Infrared Remote Introduction

Home Plans, etc

Antique Lumber & Furniture Co.
Austin Chronicle's Green Building Guide
BUILDER Online Search 1,500+ Of Our Favorite House Plans - where dreams become homes.
HomeStyles Neighborhood HomePlans Center- Plan Search
Rainwater Collection, INC,
Reward Wall Systems
SAFERAIN - A Revolutionary Product In Water Diverter Technology!
The Not So Big House


Billboard Liberation Front
Calvin and Hobbes Unplugged
Computer Stupidities
LordCo - Signs From Above
Something Awful - The Internet Makes You Stupid
The Dialectizer
The Hat
The Parking Lot is Full Web Page


Fidelity Investments Home Page
FreeEDGAR Company Filings Search
Guinness Flight Wired Index Fund Home Page
Nanovation Technologies, Inc. - Home Page
Netstock Direct
Portfolio Manager - MSN Investor - Portfolio
SCMR Chart Investor - MSN MoneyCentral
Unofficial SuperModels FAQ
VectorVest - The Intelligent Way to Manage your Stock Portfolio


Accelerate your Java apps! - JavaWorld September 1998
Agents can think, too! - JavaWorld October 1998
Alexandria main
Alternative deployment methods, Part 1 Beyond applets - JavaWorld May 2000
Alternative deployment methods, Part 2 The best of both worlds - JavaWorld July 2000
Ant - Java build tool
Ant documentation
Apache Mailing List Archives Sponsored by Covalent Technologies, Inc.
Automate your build process using Java and Ant - JavaWorld October 2000
Automated Testing and Quality Assurance Tools
Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc. OOP Resources
Bugs Fixed in 1.3
Creating a GUI with JFC-Swing
Deploying Software with JNLP and Java Web Start
developerWorks Java technology Handling memory leaks in Java programs
DevX Source Code Library
Easy Java-XML integration with JDOM, Part 2 - JavaWorld July 2000
Erik Hatcher - Java and XP guru - Components by Design
Franck Allimant - Welcome to my (sweet) home page
How Classes are Found
InCert Software - Java 'post-mortem' debugging tools
Incremental development with Ant and JUnit
Index of -channel-maven
Inside Java Class Files
Jakarta - Commons
JAR Files
Java Application Delivery with JNLP
Java Coffee Break - your free guide to the world of Java programming, packed full of free articles, tutorials, book reviews, an
Java Developer Connection
Java Discussion Forums - Javadoc Tool
Java Discussion Forums - Welcome
Java FAQ powered by
Java Gotchas
JAVA How-to
Java IAQ Infrequently Answered Questions
Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines
Java Optimization
Java Platform Performance Strategies and Tactics
Java Programming Resources -- Java, Java, and more Java
java programming source code and tutorial resource at
Java(TM) 2 SDK, Standard Edition
Java(TM) Platform Documentation
JavaBeans The Only Component Architecture for Java(tm) Technology
Javadoc Tool Home Page
javadoc-The Java API Documentation Generator
JavaWorld Magazine
Jazz Home Page
JCSC - Java Coding Standard Checker
JDK API Seach applet
JRE Notes
JUnit best practices - JavaWorld December 2000
Just Java
Jxta project Home
Landmark Java
log4j home page
Make Java fast Optimize! - JavaWorld April 1997
Make room for JavaSpaces, Part 1 - JavaWorld November 1999
New-to-Java(TM) Programming Center
PerfAnal A Performance Analysis Tool
Physics Simulation and Java - Lectures Table of Contents
Pluggable Look-and-Feel
Reliable Systems Tools (iContract, iDoc)
Roedy Green's Java Glossary
Shift Into Java - replacements for C idioms
Simplicity for Java Homepage
St. Louis Java User's Group
Swing Changes and New Features
Ted Neward @ JavaGeeks
The Extension Mechanism
The Jakarta Site - Gump
The Jakarta Site - Mailing Lists
The Java Apache Project
The Java Tutorial
The Mozart Development Environment
The Swing Connection
Threads in Java
Track class file versions
Understanding XML and the Java XML APIs
URL Protocol handlers and classloaders
Using Properties to Manage Program Attributes
Venus Application Publisher Headquaters - Vamp HQ


Alexandria - Jeff Martin's Site
Ant Integration
Ant-user archives at MARC
ApacheCon paper on Alexandria
Build status - Gump for Jakarta
jGuru Ant FAQ Home Page
Team Iseran - Java, Ant, Ant Tutorial.
The Jakarta Site - Ant
The Jakarta Site - Jakarta Directory Layout


The Jini Technology Development Community

Look And Feel

The Swing Connection


Design for performance, Part 1 Interfaces matter - JavaWorld January 2001


Jato The new kid on the open source block, Part 1 - JavaWorld March 2001
Xalan-Java Overview
Xerces API Documentation
xml-commons README homepage

Kids Stuff

Austin Montessori School Family Entertainment Guide
Birthday Express via Breast Cancer Site
Children's Software Revue Reviews of Educational Software
City of Austin - Austin Nature and Science Center Home Page
Coloring Pages to Print and Color. Online Coloring Book. KinderColor
DLTK's Printable Crafts for Kids
GENaustin Girls Empowerment Network Home - Smart from the Start!
Kids Domain
Kikki's Workshop - The Great Picture Book of Construction Equipment -
Life-Like Products On-Line Store
Name Puzzles by Fry's Puzzles
Playground Equipment, Swing Sets, Kayaks & More. PLAYSETPARTS.COM... The Best Source - The Lowest Prices!
San Marcos Lions Club - Tubes
Science Explorer Exploratorium-At-Home Books
The ChildFun Family Website
The Silver Penny - cool toys and crafts
The Space Place
Zome Kits - 3d construction toys

Landmark Graphics Intranet

Admin Web Page
Austin CVS Repository
Austin Happenings for 2001
Austin Video Archives
Bigshot, 1024x768
Bigshot, 800x600
Bill Harlan's internal home page.
BLAST Iterative Development Roles & Responsibilities
Blue Cross Doctor Finder
CAPEX Request
Claire Cassan's web page
Connect to Terminal Server
Corporate Directory Services - new org chart
Crash Gordon References (Kurt Heneize's page)
Data Knowledge Management Developers Site
Dave Swartz's Home Page
DecisionSpace Infrastructure
Developer Help Desk
Distribution-PROCUREMENT-Purchase Order Status Report.htm
Don Murray's home page
Employee Action Comittee
Employee Directory
FTP Passwords
Gadgets Home Page
Global Marketing Website
Gregg Hofland - MultiView, UITools, JTablePrototypes
Human Resources
Instant Messaging
Integrated Interpretation
Intellectual Property
Internal Licensing - User Login
Intranet Main
IPG NT Development Support
Landmark Organizational Chart
Landmarket - landmark logo items
LGC Internal Licensing - User Login
LGC IT Asset Mgt - Helpdesk solution homepage
Licensing Guide
Licensing Home (Common Licensing SDK)
Lonestar - Steve Donie's Web Home @ Landmark
MeetingPlace InfoCenter - Main Page
MeetingPlace Software
Microsoft Outlook Web Access - Logon
Mike Allen's Home
MoWI website
Murray's NoE Main
Networks of Excellence - Main
NPR Entry Form
NPR Form
Oil in the Skillet Main Page
OpenWorks S2003 Data Model for DecsisionSpace
Org Chart
Outlook Web Access - Logon
People Development Group Offerings Main Page
Personal Dashboard Results
ProWESS Technical Tips
Pumped Up Computing @ Landmark
R&D Backup Pages
Research & Development Intranet
Scopus Pages -- Main Page
SourceForge code search prototype
SourceForge My Personal Page
SourceForge Welcome
Steve Suehs' Search Engine
Stewart A. Levin
System Status - Critical Servers City List
Tahoe Build Results
Tahoe CVS Repository
TestDirector 7.2 at http--tdweb-tdbin-
Travel Home
Travel Website Home
U.S. Benefits Main
User Performance Network of Excellence
V-Cubed Documentation
V-cubed Overview
Windows Security Updates for R&D
wwSDC 2000
wwSDC 2001 - Conference Home
wwSDC 2003 - Conference Home


LEGO dacta
legOS - Lego RCX Operating System
leJOS Java based OS for Lego RCX
Perl LEGO modules
RCX Internals
Sentient Sphere LEGO MindStorms WebRing
The Unofficial Guide to LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ Robots



GlobeXplorer Viewer
The Silver Surfer Webazine - digital geography, etc.
TopoZone - The Web's Topographic Map


Austin Landmark Webcast
Capitol Records
CNBC Dow Jones Business Video
CNET Today - Technology News
CNN Videoselect
ESPN Sports
Fox News
Fox Sports
Hollywood Online
Internet Radio Guide
NBC VideoSeeker
TV Guide Entertainment Network
Universal Studios Online
Warner Bros. Hip Clips
What's On Now
Windows Media Showcase


Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) - USA Welcomes You
Austin Montessori School
Welcome American Montessori Society

Oil Industry

DrillingInfo Home


About CEWindows.NET and Chris De Herrera - Channels
Cambridge - vxWeb
List Messages in the Windows CE Message Boards
Microsoft Pocket PC Home Page
Microsoft Windows CE Web Site
Nino Official Site
NS Basic - Anywhere, Anytime Programming
Palm-size PC Software
Uplink Home

Parenting brought to you by The Ophelia Project


Comprehensive Perl Archive Network - perl stuff, linux stuff, wierd stuff
Mother of Perl Free Perl Tutorials, Tips, Lessons, Tricks, and Code -
Perl Documentation
Perl News -- Welcome to the O'Reilly Perl Center -- computer books, perl books, perl programming, perl conference - Perl Documentation
The Perl Archive

Personal Interest

21st Street Coop members
American Express-Logon to Account Access
Andy Carlson's Homepage
ant control - Howard Garrett's The Natural Way
Donie HomeSeer Page
Free PassHugs Email!
Mike Chapa - Java astroimaging - Tim Scott's Site (Chris Bodley - Steve Sueh's Friend)
Road Runner - Austin
Road Runner Help Desk
RoadRunner Help
RoadRunner Homepage
Save-Forever Box - The artistic time capsule collection - Home
Scott Donie, Master Thespian - Steve Suehs' web home
Tripod - Donie Web Photo Album
TurboTax for the Web
USAA - Member Home
Withrow Photo Album

Photography - Internet 3D Solutions. ADG Exporter, Panorama Tools, Java Viewer, 3D Online Games. Free downloads.
Canon Enthusiasts' Classifieds
Darrell Commanders's Photo Gallery
dealcam Aiptek Mini PenCam 1.3 1.2 Megapixel Digital Camera Price Comparison
DiCaInfo 0 digital Camer Info for Casio QV3000
Digital Cameras Digital Photography Review News, Reviews, Forums, FAQ
Digital Image Recovery - the image recovery tool for digital cameras
Donie Web Photo Album
Enroute Imaging - panoramic software
Exif file format
Greenbatteries Store Home Page
Imager perl module
Kodak Developer Relations Group-Personal Access Page
Landscape, Aurora Photography and DIY Audio
Linux USB Support for Casio QV 3-2x00-3x00-4000-8000 Digital Still Cameras
Maurice Delaney's Casio QV-3000 EX-Ir 3.34 megapixel Digital Camera homepage
Panorama Tools
Photosolve Home of Xtend-a-System Adapters, Attachments, Filters and Accessories for Digital Cameras
PixAround - panorama software
TawbaWare -- Digital Camera software and information
Troy's Photo Gallery - About
Zgal gallery generator - create a photo album in a few seconds

Radio Control

AirFoil Aviation - home of model powered parachutes
Dave's Aircraft Works Thermal Foamies
Gliders - LIFOAM Leisure Products
Hobby Lobby's Wingo Park Flyer - the Original!
Indoor electric Remote Control Four rotor helicopter.
Northeast Sailplane Products
RC Aerial Photography with Kodak DC 20 & 25
The E Zone - electric RC
The first simulator for R-C sailplanes
Tony's Website! Radio Control, Metal Detecting, Breads, Electronics
Toytronix flight toys - E-GULL RTF Parkflyer, BalloonCraft indoor flight vehicle

Recipes for Grrls

Vegan cake recipes


Arrick Robotics - PC-Based Motion Control Products
Bowden's Hobby Circuits
CNC Routers and CAD-CAM Software
Controlling Stepper Motors
Cool Robot Of The Week
Cye Personal Robots Home
Electrical motor control
Electronic Circuits
Evolution Robotics Robotics Software Platform and Hardware Kits
Interfacing a Junk Disk 5-1-4 inch Drive with a Parallel Port
PONTECH Front Page - serial servo controllers
PPRK Palm Pilot Robot Kit
Robix RCS-6 Robot Construction Set - Education Kits Gifted - - - - - robotic robot kits RCS6 manufacturing prototype robots res
Scott Edwards Electronics, Inc.(Serial Servo Controller)
Team Hercules-Battle Robot Website
The Robot Group

Search Engines, Portals

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
All Movie Guide
Ask Jeeves!
BayPal - An Auction Portal
Better Business Bureau Search Page
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index!
discoveries - a whatis definition - see also Our latest discovery, latest discovery, recommended sites
Experts Exchange
FirstGov -- Your First Click to the US Government
Flight Tracking by - perl stuff, linux stuff, wierd stuff
Google Catalog Search
Google Groups (usenet)
HotDispatch, Inc.
kartoo® - find out stuff about people - Google Demos
Maps On Us
NPR Home
ODP - Open Directory Project
Radio Station Guide
SlashdotNews for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.
TUCOWS - shareware, etc.
UPS Package Tracking
Wired News
Yahoo! for SteveDonie
Yahoo! Groups My Groups

Shopping and Crap

AddALL book search and price comparison
Amtrak Internet Reservation Service
Better Business Bureau Search
Bidder's Edge - Your Auction Guide Marketplace - custom TShirts - Shopping - Where to buy online
Compare Prices at NexTag - - Buy - Review - Price - Reviews
Computer Geeks-Welcome!! Comparison Shop for Almost Anything
Federal Consumer Information Center - Home Page Breathe Happier
Google Catalog Search
inkjet cartridges
International Tool Corporation home page
JC Whitney, Auto Parts and Accessories
NOVICA ___ Art, Crafts, Tapestries, Paintings, Ceramics and Creative Works from World Artists
Peapod - Internet Grocery Shopping and Delivery
Police Auctions - Repossessed and Confiscated Items for Auction - - Educated eCommerce
RoboShopper - Cheapest computer deal best digital cameras wholesale computer parts
The Sock Company
WebAuction-Auction Warehouse where you set the price with bids starting as low as $1!

Software Development

4Developers - Great software for Windows developers and users
Aegis 3.23 - transaction based CMS
C# Corner - C# and .NET Developer's Network
Chuck Kollars Visual SourceSafe (VSS)
CruiseControl Wiki
CVS Installation on Windows
CVS Manual
CVS server for NT
Decoding the Blue Screen of Death
DevGuy's Programmers' Canvas
DevX Source Code Library
Elvin -- Content Based Messaging
Esther Derby Home
Excellent Charts with Microsoft Excel and ASP
Extreme Programming Roadmap - SourceForge list archives
Glenn Vanderburg Weblog
InstallSite Resources for Setup Developers
Jase - Overview
JDiff - HTML report of API differences
Ki - Java framework for mobile agents
Martin Fowler - Continuous Integration
Martin Fowler Articles
MFC Programmer's SourceBook
Microsoft Scripting Technologies
Microsoft TechNet - Home Page
MSDN Online
Open Sources Voices from the Open Source Revolution
Ottinger's Rules for Variable and Class Naming
Outlook & Exchange Solutions Gallery
Perl Documentation
ploticus - script driven plots
ploticus welcome
Python Language Website
Resource Hacker
Rothman Consulting Group, Inc. - Speaker, Author, Management Consultant for Product Development
Software Development Online - OpenSource article
SourceForge Project Info - cruisecontrol
SourceForge Welcome
Systems Internals
The Jakarta Site - Jakarta Directory Layout
The Jakarta Site - Mailing Lists
The Toolbox Overview of Windows NT Resource Kit Tools Open Source Software Engineering
UNX Tips and Tricks
VNC - Virtual Network Computing from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge
Ward Cunningham's Acceptance Test Framework
When Web Services Go Bad
Windows Script Host FAQ - TView
Ximbiot - CVS consulting

Space, Rockets, etc

Deep Space Image Gallery Archive
Liftoff Home - JTrack, JTrack 3D
Mir ReEntry
My Neighborhood From Space
MyStarsLive - Interactive Star Chart
NASA Human SpaceFlight
NASA Television
NASA TV on the Web
NASA's Visible Earth
Space Imaging - The Visual Information Company
Space Station and Shuttle tracking
The Earth at Night
The Water Rocket Garage
Water Rocket Index


Alabama State Parks
Alabama State Parks-Gulf State
Austin Skiers' 2000-2001 Trip Prices
Austin Skiers CyberSlope - Home Page
Bastrop State Park
Big Bend National Park (National Park Service)
Blanco State Park in Texas
Marfa Chamber of Commerce
McDonald Observatory
Monument Hill State Historical Park
Real-time data for San Marcos Rv at San Marcos, TX
ReserveAmerica - Welcome!
San Marcos Lions Club - Tube Rental
Seminole Canyon State Historical Park in Texas
US National Parks Reservation Service
World Wide Travel Exchange

Visual Basic

John Baldwin's ISU Geology Software
Planet Source Code
Visual Basic Add-Ins
Visual Basic List Archives
Visual Basic Web Directory - The Definitive Index for Visual Basic Web Resources - Windows Scripting Host Tutorials, Examples and Scripts


1-Wire(tm) Weather Station
Mexican-made One Wire Weather Station
The Texas Evapotranspiration Web Site
Weather @ Burnet Middle School
Weather software
Weather Underground Austin, Texas Forecast
Weather Underground Current Killeen Nexrad Radar Map

Web Development, HTML

Apache Week. The essential free resource for users of the world's most popular web server. - Home of Careware, Time Stuff, more
AutoWeb web updating tool Home Page
Departmental Deployment of SharePoint Team Services
Fixing Your(tm) Web Site - Solving Design and usability problems.
HTML Writers Guild
InfoPoll - Resources for Survey and Polling Software
Matt's Script Archive - WWW scripts
mod_dav a DAV module for Apache
Phil Agre's Home Page
Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
SharePoint Team Services on TechWeb
sitecopy - manual page
sitecopy home page
WDG HTML Validator File Upload
XWeb Homepage - website generated from XML

Woodworking, Tools

Hot Wire Foam Factory
International Tool Corporation home page
Lee Valley Tools


conglomerate - xml documents
Generate PDF Files Dynamically Using XSL-FO
Getting Fancy with FOP
James Tauber - XML Info
Rescuing XSLT from Niche Status
XMethods - Web Service Listings
XML Everywhere
XML Resume Library
XPath Tutorial

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